Thursday, January 15, 2009

Serious games, human values, and classics

This post is an index to the discussion we've just kicked off at VGHVI about what VGHVI should say and/or not say about the Serious Games Movement. My contribution has classics content (Plato!), as you might expect. It's also here on the wiki, where I'd love your suggestions on how to refine it.

Senior fellow Stephen Schafer of English at Digipen University has contributed "The Pscyhecology Game," a fascinating analysis of the Story-Based Game within a Jungian frame that I, as a myth-guy, find incredibly interesting despite not really being a Jung-fan.

My colleague in educational psychology at UConn, senior fellow Mike Young, will make his contribution soon.

Since this is my own blog, I hope I may be excused for saying, well, "Squee." This conversation already is a dream come true for me--interdisciplinarity takes patience, but when it happens it's pretty awesome--at least for a fanboy of reasoned discourse like me.

The forum thread for carrying on the debate engendered by the reasoned discourse is here. I hope you'll stop by and at least write a line or two about your own view of serious games and their movement.